Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chris Medina American Idol Real EstateLast night I savoured a rare moment of pleasure while watching American Idol. I’m sure most of you have seen an episode or two in the 10 seasons this show has been broadcasting through the airwaves. This year, in particular, I have been interested to see how things would be without the infamous Simon and Paula as judges on the show. The show had become stale for me, almost predictable, and that took all the fun out of watching. Much to my surprise the newly acquired judges, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, have rejuvenated my interest and I can once again, wholeheartedly say that I am delightfully interested.

The show had its funny moments, its obscure moments, and its sad moments. But not until the very end did we have a chance to whiteness an extraordinary moment. The last Milwaukee contestant was a young man by the name of Chris Medina. This young man had a remarkable talent and a more fantastic story.

For those who did not have a chance to watch the show last night, I will give you a quick overview. This young man had gotten engaged to the love of his life. He and his lovely fiancé had decided that they would be engaged for two years before they would get married. Two months before the two year deadline, his Fiancé was severely injured in a car accident. This left her almost paralyzed, as she suffered considerable nerve damage and bodily injuries. Medina moved in with his Fiancé and her mother to assist in the full time care that will be needed, day and night, after that horrific accident.

Medina stated; “what kind of man would I be if, when she needed me most, I was not there”. Indeed, you guessed it; this was the aforementioned rare moment of pleasure.

As I watched the judges gather around the young lady, who they had summonsed into the audition area, I could not help but think to myself how fantastic this was. Medina was going to Hollywood! This is fantastic, I thought to myself. Not only for the young man who came to the event with a definite talent and story that we can all relate to, but also for the spectators, we the people who commit to watching the show.

As I pondered over this more, I realized that Real Estate is not that much different than a contestant on American Idol. I have been selling, living, and breathing real estate for 20 years and I can honestly say that every listing I have taken, and every buyer I have represented have all had their story and have all found that their buying and selling decisions have strongly been motivated by emotion, just as my vote for Medina will be swayed by emotion.

Let’s face it; a house is simply a few walls with a roof on it in a particular location. But to someone, this house is a home. What makes it a home is the emotion. That is why it is so important, when you are selling your home, to allow your REALTOR® to learn your story of what makes this house a home for you. And, if you are buying a home, your REALTOR® needs to know what can make a house a home for you.

That is why at Signature Service Real Estate we take our time and learn the true value of your needs and wants as a buyer and seller. At Signature Service Real Estate we believe that you have a story to tell that allows us to know what in on your mind and in your heart. Free consultations gCrowd Audience Showo a long way to understanding how different we really are.

I predict that Medina will make it in the final 12. I predict that he will be loved by the masses, not only for his talent, but also for the emotions that this young man has been able to stir in us. The story of dedication and hope holds a lot of power.

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