Friday, June 12, 2009

The Beginning

Starting a Blog. You can only imagine how lonely the words will be if they are not accompanied by many posts throughout time. But a shout in the darkness is better than the silence heard by none!

As you can read from my profile I am a little bit of a nerd with regards to technology. As an instructor it is fun to see the integration of Social Networking with training and personal development. The amazement of being on Twitter and the growth that takes place right before your very eyes is an amazing experience.

I hope this Blog becomes a resource of information that will show the new trends and the growth I am able to expedience on my side. We are at the dawning of new things and recoding the changes and progress will help me as well.

In this Blog I may get side tracked, on occasion, and end up discussing politics, religion and/or beliefs. I am open about my beliefs and opinions, but do not wish to offend anyone with what I say or write. I am a firm believer that everyone is unique and entitled to think and act in their own unique way, as long as they do not harm anyone or our world in the process.

So - I will give my Blog posts some thought. This will be a fun experience. I hope that you will enjoy it too.